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Know your PAN Card Number

AN card is designed with a unique structured flow of 10digit number. Let us consider a PAN card number for example ABCPL1234A, where

  • ABC- These three digits are a series of letters from “AAA to ZZZ”
  • PL- The type of card holder, either person or organisation
  • If the card holder is a person-It is represented as “P”.
  • If the card holder is an organization- It is represented as C,H,F,A,B,T,L,J,G.
  • C-Company
  • H-HUF
  • F-Firm
  • A-AOP
  • B-BOI
  • T-Trust
  • L-Local Authority
  • J-Judicial person
  • G-Government
  • L- Surname of a person from A to Z
  • 1234- Series of numbers from 0001 to 9999.
  • A- Alphabetical check list.